About KTS

KTS Oil Services Ltd is a leading Supplier of quality piping, pressure components, electrical equipment and loss prevention systems for the oil and gas industry.

KTS was established in 2001, at the time when new markets were emerging after the oil and gas discoveries in northwest Kazakhstan, which were believed to be the largest oil & gas finds in 30 years.

Working as Agents and cooperating with world-leading European manufacturers, KTS now offer support to customers in the U.K., Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, North/West Africa and Asia.

In the UK and/or Kazakhstan markets, KTS currently cooperates with the following Italian companies:

SANCO Spa (F&G detection and suppression systems and firefighting equipment)

Alfaquadri Srl (electrical switchgear)

Orion Spa (gate, globe, check and rising stem ball valves)

Perar Spa (ball and subsea valves)

Quam Valvole Srl (choke and through conduit valves as well as wellhead control panels and HIPPS systems)


Furthermore, In UK and Kazakhstan, KTS cooperates on a project by project basis with the company Sinergia Spa for the provision of Air and Nitrogen & Oxygen generator packages.

Gas pipeline valve